Welcome to the internet locale of Idaho Painter’s Guild. While visiting this site, we encourage your interaction, comments, and visits to the member sites.


We, Idaho Painters Guild, intend to foster an encouraging atmosphere for real-time development of fine art painting. Working as a team we aim to enliven our patrons with individual style and design.


Paintings can use the mediums of charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, ink, sumi-E, china marker, earth pencil, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, latex, enamel, computer, egg tempera, casein, felt marker, en caustic, oil, and any combination thereof. Painting structures can be any two dimensional method. Painting methods can be plein air, alla prima, repetitive glazing, studio, print, or anything else; as long as it is a two dimensional method. Painting styles can be basically anything, aside from a blank canvas, which is an insult to the concept of creativity. So all genres are included; including figure, plein air, landscape, abstract, still life, alla prima, symbolist, impressionist, expressionist, classic, verist, and realist.  Photographers, Calligraphers, and Sculptors are excluded as members.


Idaho Painters Guild membership is open to all fine art painters that live in the state of Idaho.

Except for the founding members, there is a jury-in process. For some this will be easy. If you live in Idaho and are a painter worth your time, then it will be easy. If you are a wanna-be painter, it may take some time to prove yourself. For your information, there is a jury-out process as well; even for founding members.


All members are added to our blogroll, which means you get an all important pointer to your blog or website. This occurs once you include the Idaho Painters Guild widget-pointer displayed prominently [near the top] on your internet home page.

All members may participate in our events; whether en plein air, workshop, or a show. These events will be clearly marked on our real-time blog.


This group is the brainchild of students of Fred Choate, “Painter of Idaho”; a title given him recently by Idaho Public Television.


One Response to “About”

  1. I am interested in joining the Idaho Painters Guild, can you email me the information needed to join. Or you can write to me at:

    Ginger Lantz
    420 Autumn Drive
    Nampa, Idaho 83686

    Thank you
    Ginger Lantz

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