IPG, 29jun09

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OK, we painted together again on this Monday.  Of course Rog was contemplating world peace while Craig painted his painting and “left the building”.  So Rog is apologizing here for not getting Craig’s beautiful painting into this post.

This past weekend Craig and Fred attempted to cross over the Trinity Pass.  You know, the pass that Rog specifically purchased his motorcycle to drive over.  If you did not know, Rog loves the Trinity Mountains.  Anyway, apparantly the snow is still covering the pass making it impassable, even for four wheelers.  So Fred and Craig painted plein air somewhere down the road from the pass.  Below is Fred’s version of the plein air motif.

Road to Trinities, by Choate

“Road to Trinities”, PA oil by Fred Choate.

Today [Monday], Ellen and Rog did some paintings.  Below is Ellen’s excellent value based rendition of Mount Regan, which has Sawtooth Lake at its basin…

Mt Reagan, by Garrard

“Mt Regan”, by Ellen Garrard.

…and Rog, he did another study of another artist…

Courter's Hitchin' Barn, before travel

“Courter’s Hitchin’ Barn [aft Kevin Courter]”, by Rog Lyngaas.


IPG, 23jun09

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Fred et al painted together at Fred’s studio; on the 23rd of June.  Below is some of our work; starting with a beautiful unretouched alla prima painting of a Gorge in Oregon, by Fred Choate.

Gorgious, by Fred

“Gorgious”, by Fred Choate.

desert solitude, by Ann

“Desert Solitude”, by Ann Samuelsen.

entrance, by Ellen

“Entrance”, by Ellen Garrard.

Parenthesis, by Rog

“Parenthesis”, by Rog Lyngaas.

Initial Point Gallery, 2009

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Coming up this August is another Idaho Painter’s Guild show.  This one is going to be at the new gallery in the City Hall of Meridian.  It is called the “Initial Point Gallery”.  We will post on this again before the show but, the following is the 5 paintings we used to demonstrate our different painting styles in our proposal.

The Road, by Julie Iffla

“The Road”, by Julie Iffla.

Evening Glow, by Fred Choate

“Evening Glow”, by Fred Choate.

Awaiting Shepard's Stay, by Tony Tramp

“Awaiting Shepard’s Stay”, by Tony Tramp.

Sierra Vista, by Ellen Garrard

Sierra Vista”, by Ellen Garrard.

Smoky River (aft Birger Sandzen), by Rog Lyngaas

“Smoky River (aft Birger Sandzen)”, by Rog Lyngaas.

Basement Gallery Show, May & June 2009

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Welcome friends.  It has been awhile since we commented on our doings.  Much has happened in the last several months concerning the evolution of our group.  We just finished a joint “Classic Landscape” show at the Basement Gallery in Boise, Idaho.  Below is some of our work there.  Members that participated in the show included our original members… Fred Choate, Rog Lyngaas, Craig Arrowood, Ellen Garrard, & Ann Samuelsen.  The show also introduced Rye Wilson, Tony Tramp, Kevin Hughes, & Kathy Earnhart in their first show.  Below is a quick retrospective of the show.  Because of the quantity of over 100 paintings presented at the gallery it would be impossible to provide you a complete viewing.

















Rib Roaring Good Time

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Above is our grand display!  Our first test as a Guild was to see if we could display in our own show.  We chose the Eagle Rib Cook-off and Spudfest.  It was held on Labor Day weekend, Aug 30, Aug 31, and Sept 1 of this year.  Judging from the comments of fellow artists and patrons, it was a success.  The most common question I heard was, “Are you all local?”.  “Yes, of course, and all original”; we would answer.

We displayed over 100 paintings, with about 20 percent of them being Plein Air paintings.  A few paintings did sell, mostly plein air paintings — so that may tell us something.  We do have to admit that this event was not the best for people to buy paintings at.  We were all out for a good time.  We all learned a lot.

Below we see Rog, Ellen, and Fred smiling in the wind at the show.

Fred-Rog-Ellen closeup

The following is some other views of our show.  A special “high volume” display system was designed and built for the show by Craig Arrowood.  These displays are the core to our capitolization concept in the sense they allow us show lots of paintings quickly and cheaply.




Eagle Rib Cook Off and Spudfest!

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Idaho Painters Guild has decided our first project will be the “Eagle Rib Cook Off”. For information on this great event please pounce on the following website…

Eagle Rib cook off and Spud fest — it’s for a rib roaring good time!

If you have already planned on this for your Labor Day weekend; then it will be our pleasure to meet ya’ll there!  If you have not planned that far in advance — you are invited!

Go Button!

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Welcome to the internet locale of Idaho Painter’s Guild. While visiting this site, we encourage your interaction, comments, and visits to the member sites.

The founding members of Idaho Painters Guild are: Fred Choate, Craig Arrowood, Julie Iffla, Ellen Garrard, Ann Samuelsen, and Rog Lyngaas.